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Say Hello To Healthy Hair With These Simple Ideas

When it comes to hair-related advice, everyone seems like a pro in them. From the local hairdresser who recommends a hair spa to listening to people’s theories on oiling hair, there is no ‘best’ advice. The first step to flaunt those healthy locks is a healthy diet. Choosing the right hair product comes next.

Numerous online stores sell medicated shampoos for all hair types. Not sure if Walmart sells purple shampoo? Buy them from pharmacies near you or order online. Take a look at these tips shared by experts on

Be Gentle On Your Hair
Visit a hairdresser to get the split ends trimmed. If you have a habit of washing hair every day, skip this. Limit the frequency to two or three times a week depending on length and type of hair. Do not forget the good old conditioner. They act as an umbrella for your hair and increases the shine.

Choosing the right shampoo for your hair is essential. This can be subjective depending on the focus of interest. If you experience a sting or irritation when the shampoo runs down the face, it is time to switch to a sulphate-free cleanser.

Deep Condition Your Hair
There’s nothing like a good massage and deep conditioning treatment to add luster to those tresses. Wash your hair with a good quality shampoo, gently squeeze the water and towel dry your hair. Massage the roots with a conditioner. Work your way from the inward to the ends of each strand.

Run a wide-toothed comb to ensure that the conditioner coats the hair evenly. Tie your hair in a bun for ten to fifteen minutes and rinse off with cold water.

Use Natural Hair Masks
Hair masks made from egg yolk, avocado, and other ingredients replenish your hair. You can make one at home using locally available products. Hair experts recommend mixing coconut oil with two eggs. Mix them thoroughly and add olive oil to the mixture.

Oil Your Hair Regularly
Hair fall or luscious hair always has one solution- regular oiling of hair. Coconut oil contains ingredients that protect hair from damage caused by exposure to the sun. Boil hibiscus flowers or curry leaves in oil and let it cool for some time. Massage this mixture on your scalp and wash off with shampoo.

Avoid Use Of Heating Products
Using a hair curler or straightener should be limited. The hot blast of hair wreaks havoc and can lead to excessive dryness and scalp related problems. Instead, try this natural method for curly locks.

Bend over from your waist and hold a towel beneath your hair. Grab the two edges of the towel and twist them. Place the edges on top of your hand and secure them with a clip.

Eat Healthy
A hectic lifestyle can be no excuse to stay away from healthy food. Include iron-rich food in your diet. Use fish, beans, cereals, and vegetables generously. Use them in combination with other food products. For instance, mix cereals and nuts in milk and have them for breakfast.

Whoever said spinach is for Popeye is truly mistaken. If you cannot have them plain, mix tofu with spinach for a healthy lunch option. Proteins are essential nutrients that strengthen hair. Fill up your plate with lentils or drink a glass of creamy milk before you binge on the packet of tacos.