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Autoimmune Disorder And Its Cause And Symptoms

Most people have confused autoimmune disease with AIDS. Of course, both diseases are caused due to abnormalities in the immune system. However, the behavior is entirely different. Example, AIDS is caused by a virus, which makes the dog’s immune system weak. When the immune system is weak, the dogs will easily affect by the pathogens and disease-causing microbes. The weakened immunity system makes the dog easily prone to various diseases caused by foreign bodies.

Autoimmune is not weakening of immune system, but overreaction of the immune system. This happens when the immune system mistakes the body’s own tissue or substances as foreign substances and begins reacting to the same. When the immune system produces antibodies unnecessarily, it can become more dangerous to the dog’s health. The antibodies are meant to destroy the foreign particles only. Without the presence of foreign substances, the antibodies affect the healthy organs like kidney, liver, etc.

Some of the diseases caused in dogs due to autoimmune disorder are AIHA, dry eye, canine systematic lupus, allergies, Addison’s disease and rheumatoid arthritis. Till now the researchers have not found a conclusive reason for the cause of the autoimmune disorder. But various scientists say that this condition is related to stress, increased intake of processed food and hereditary reasons.

As an owner of a pet dog, you can provide the best care to your dog only by gaining knowledge. If you do not know the signs and symptoms of the autoimmune disorder, you would not be able to treat your pet on time. Remember that autoimmune disorder is highly unpredictable. Though your dog may live in extremely hygienic condition, it can still suffer from the autoimmune disorder.

You should never miss having your pet dog checked by the vet regularly. The vet would be able to easily identify even the slightest abnormality, which cannot be detected by a commoner. You should know what are feeding to your pet dog. Some foods contain an allergen, which can cause allergies and can trigger the autoimmune disorder. It is always better to avoid or minimize giving processed food items. When buying food for the dog, read the labels and carton to ensure that it do not contain allergy-causing substances.

A dog can be a great companion for human beings. It can be very painful to see their lovely pet suffering from serious illnesses. You should never try to overfeed your dogs. Pet dogs should have ideal body weight, which minimizes various health problems.

Nowadays, you could read more about dog disease on the Internet. There are forums and blogs, where you can see dog owners sharing their experiences with their pet dog. Online forums provide a great platform for the dog owners to talk and discuss with other dog owners across the world. There are many online guides for learning about dog’s disease. You can go through such guides to enlighten yourself about diseases and symptoms of various dog’s disease.

However, you should remember that you should avoid offering your own treatments. You should administer medicines as per doctor’s recommendation only. By acquiring more knowledge, you can provide best disease prevention to your pet dog.