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Natural Remedies For Blepharitis

One of the most undertreated eye diseases in the world is blepharitis. There is inflammation of the eyelids, and the reason behind are many. Try out some blepharitis home remedies if you are unsure of the Western medicines. According to www.health.com home remedies can do wonders when done appropriately. Researchers have suggested that the exact cause of the disease is known, though there are a few known factors. The most critical part over here is to understand that the person is suffering from Blepharitis. People are not aware. Hence the diagnosis can have issues.

Commonly, scalp dandruff, dry eyes and rosacea are associated with the disease. Never leave such symptoms untreated. In case you are suffering from Blepharitis, untreated eyes can lead to permanent blindness. Some cases have shown conditions of corneal inflammation and eyelid cancer. Such cases are rare, but their existence cannot be denied. The good news is, we can prevent blepharitis and if by chance we get it there are natural remedies to treat the condition. Natural remedies are such that they deal with the root cause of the problem. Hence, your condition will start improving right from the bottom line. There are chances of prolonged recovery from the disease if you treat it naturally.

There are two different types of Blepharitis known to us, one is posterior blepharitis, and the other one is anterior blepharitis. In the posterior type, the inner eyelids are affected which is in direct contact with the eye. When there is insufficient secretion of oils, the eyes can become really dry and crusty. This irritates the eye, which can make it feel itchy. In Anterior blepharitis, the outside of the eyelid is affected. When a person has a lot of scalp dandruff, it can make contact with the outside area of the eye. This is the primary reason behind anterior blepharitis.

Under the conventional treatment method, the affected person is given an artificial tear drop solution or lubricating ointments. They help in preventing the irritation that occurs in the eyes. Antibiotics like bacitracin to erythromycin are prescribed. Some natural remedies to help a person are using a warm compress around the eye area. It will enhance the blood flow to the eye area. Keep warm tea bag on your eyes as tea has anti-inflammatory properties. Affected person must avoid doing eye makeup or wearing contact lenses. An important step you must take is, treating dandruff.

Keep blinking your eye, to avoid stressing the eyelids. You can prepare a diet with anti-inflammatory food items. This will help eradicate blepharitis naturally. Tea tree oil is known for its healing properties; you can apply it on the under-eye area. Tea tree can be irritating for some, so dilute it with coconut oil. As a whole tea tree oil will give you other benefits also. Now that you know so many natural remedies for blepharitis, it’s time to forget the worry. You simply need to be consistent with the natural practices you take up. With timely efforts, blepharitis symptoms can surely be reduced to a large extent.