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Exercises For The Perfect Toned Abs

A flat stomach is a craving feature every girl loves to maintain. Be it an outfit like t-shirt and jeans, skirts, trousers is the sizzling bikini, a flat stomach adds beauty to the outfit. For a flat shaped bikini belly, continuous exercise and perception to do it is needed. Not all exercises will give you a perfect bikini structure. There are specific exercises like the crunches, planks, push-ups and twists that target the abs muscles and provide the perfect bikini structure. These exercises tone the belly muscle and gives Bikini Ready Abs.

The article in http://minq.com/ demonstrates how to make your life a gym for a perfect body structure. Proper exercise that targets the core area with a balanced diet will lead to an elegant and perfect body structure. Any exercise should start with a warm-up session. Warm-up makes the muscles in the body to be flexible for any kind of workout. In the case of abs exercise, start the work out with a cardio exercise like jogging. Since any cardio exercise will increase the heart rate, training the abs muscles will be easy during the workout.

Raising legs from lying position is the easiest exercise that targets the abs. By lying with the face-up position, legs straight and by keeping the hands straight, lift both the legs up and lower to the initial position. Leg circle exercise should be done by lying on the back, keep the hands on hip and lift the upper part of the body by balancing on the elbow. Now slightly lower the upper part and raise both the legs. Basic crunch exercise should be done by lying on the back and keeping the hands for the head support and keeping the legs straight, try lifting upper part of the body. This crunch can be modified as reverse crunch by placing both the hands above head and bend the knees as close as possible and lift the leg upwards.

Heel touch exercise is a great workout for the lower abs and the entire body. This should be done by lying on the back and bending the legs at ninety degrees. Now keeping the pals open try lifting the upper body and touch the heel of the right leg. On the left side, follow the same procedure. Vertical crunch should be done by lying on the back by keeping the hands straight try lifting both the upper body and both the legs keeping it straight by forming a V shape. Perform the plank exercise by starting with the basic push-up position, but the body being slightly off the ground. Maintain this position fro about sixty seconds.

Side plank exercise should be done by starting with the push-up position and expanding the left leg and rotating the body to the left side and on the right side too vice versa. You can combine one more of the above exercise and repeat it in sets or try all the exercises in sets for effective result. There are many other exercises that helps in targeting the belly fat but the abs exercises targets exclusively targets on the abs muscles and tones them perfectly on getting a bikini belly.