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Common Side Effects Of Xarelto

side effects of Xarelto are explained here.

The common and possibly dangerous side effect of Xarelto is the risk of excessive bleeding. The medical experts say that this type of heavy bleeding can produce severe problems like bruising and ultimately leads to death. The risk of this drug is very bad when you consume Xarelto with other medications.

The patients who suffer from certain diseases are at additional risk of blood clots. Especially patients who suffer from the spinal tap or spinal anesthetic can get blood clot around the spinal cord or brain. Such blood clots are very dangerous and may lead to stroke, long-term paralysis, and cause severe damages on your whole body.

The patients who take other treatments may also get blood clot when consuming Xarelto. It is given to the patients who suffer from hip or knee replacement surgery to avoid deep-vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism problems. Many studies reveal that Xarelto after any surgery results in wound complications. The wound complications after the hip or knee surgery include infection, leakage, hematoma, decrease range of motion, extended drainage and site-specific chronic pain.

Xarelto can cause other bad side effects that have been reported by patients including Jaundice which leads to yellowing of the skin resulted in the high amount of bilirubin in the blood, hemiparesis which means weakness of a side of your body, anaphylactic reaction or shock is an allergic reaction. There are still other serious side effects of Xarelto available which are not yet reported.

If you have any of the below symptoms when taking Xarelto, you must visit your doctor immediately without any delay. If there is bleeding continuously without any control, vomiting blood, severe coughing, headaches or sensations that make you weak and tired, paining wounds or swelling and so on.

There is no research made till now whether it is safe to take Xarelto by children or pregnant women. Clinical trials are in process to identify whether it is safe and effective for patients 18 years or less than that. Though a research has revealed that it is effective for blood clots in children, more studies are required to identify whether it is safe for infants.

Pregnant women should be very careful when taking this drug in a certain condition such as emergency delivery or hemorrhage. The studies on animals have improved fetal toxicity, possibilities of miscarriage, and bleeding problems in mothers. The research has also revealed increase in maternal difficulties, fetal and maternal deaths.

Before consuming this drug, you must consult with your doctor. You should not take this drug when you are taking medications for other health problems since it can cause severe side effects. You can continue the drug as long as prescribed by the doctor.